Image Suit

Image Suit 4.01

Image Suit is a simple but professional photo editing tool

Image Suit is a simple but professional editing tool that will allow you to edit your images in a snap. With this tool you will be able to rotate, flip and crop images very easily. You can also adjust the canvas or image size, by selecting the height and width.
Regarding color, you will be able to colorize your images (customizing hue, saturation and luminosity), and turn your images into gray scale, sepia tone, black and white and negative. You will also be able to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and apply gamma correction. There is also a great variety of filters that you can apply to your images, which are divided by category; namely, definition (blur, soften, sharpen, diffuse, etc.), edges (bump, emboss, engrave, contour, etc.), color (equalize, isolate, reduction, etc.), deformation (lens, waves, fold, tile, etc.), and special (add light, add grid, add noise, texturize, etc.).
In short, Image Suit is a good editing program that includes lots of useful tools to give a professional touch to your photos.

Silvana Mansilla
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